Supreme Chicken, Tigane Poultry Processing Plant

Tigane, North West Province, South Africa

Commissioned July 2015

Plant Key Requirement: Soluble COD Removal Efficiency
Full Scale Plant Statistics:
1.        Waste Source: Poultry processing wastewater
2.        Technology: Upflow anaerobic sludge bed, combined heat and power unit
3.        Soluble COD Removal Efficiency: 80-85%
4.        Effluent: 1600 m³ per day
5.        COD Per Day: 3,200 kg per day
6.        Electricity Capacity: 150kW
7.        Thermal Heat Capacity: 200kW
8.        Hot Water Exported: 130 kL per day at 45 degrees Celsius
9.        Re-Usable Processed Water: Up to 120 kL per day
"To give substance to our vision, of creating a more water saving, energy efficient and cleaner world, Country Bird Holdings (CBH) embarked on a journey to ensure that we partner with players who are on the edge of new technologies in these fields. In Green Create we have found such a partner; who is as committed to making that dream and the world a better place to live in… a reality. Their technology provides us not only with clean energy and recycled water, but it also eliminates the danger of contamination to our effluent water systems."   Arno Kietzmann - Processing Director Supreme Chicken, Country Bird Holdings