RCL FOODS, Worcester Poultry Processing Plant

Worcester, Western Cape, South Africa
Commissioned: March 2017
Plant Key Requirement: COD Removal Efficiency
Full Scale Plant Statistics:
1.        Waste Source: Poultry processing wastewater
2.        Technology: Anaerobic flotation reactor, combined heat and power unit
3.        COD Removal Efficiencies: 90-95%
4.        Effluent: 3000 m³ per day
5.        COD Per Day: 30,000 kg per day
6.        Electricity Capacity: 1.55 MW
7.        Thermal Heat Capacity: 1.68 MW
8.        Hot Water Exported: 800 kL per day at 67 degrees Celsius
"Green Create’s waste to value solutions plays a huge part in our Water Road Map. It has resulted in a huge reduction in wastewater treatment and discharge costs and sets us up for significant water re-use and recycling opportunities. These elements are critical drivers for a sustainable foods business with the triple bottom line in mind."   Ettienne Thiebaut - Sustainability Manager Rainbow, RCL FOODS