We are "GREEN CREATE" and this is our story...

It’s 2018 and climate change has catapulted our planet into an uncharted territory. The current world population is set to increase from 7.6 billion to 8.6 billion by 2030, with a growing global population the demand to sustain them does too, which is accelerating the rate of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. As clean water continues to diminish, and food prices continue to sky rocket when traditional energy is used for their production, we can expect an escalating global warming crisis.


Currently we are seeing sea levels rising and devouring islands, record breaking high temperatures totalling a 0.99 °C (1.78 °F) increase from the 1980’s and our oceans are 26% more acidic than they were at the beginning of the industrial revolution! In just 50 years, earth’s CO2 levels have risen from 280 parts per million (ppm) to over 400 ppm and accessible fossil fuels are expected to deplete between 2050 to 2088.


The uncensored truth is that scientists are 95% certain that climate change is an anthropocentric one, which is why carbon tax will become a norm and why the Paris Agreement is setting countries in motion to act now. With a growing demand needed to sustain consumerism, how does a business expect to survive in an unravelling world? Well the answer is simple really, if we are the reason, we are also the solution and that’s where we step in. Companies have always been the game changers, quickly adapting to better and more advanced sustainable solutions to improve the way we operate and reduce our eco-footprint. We don’t wait to find out what happens, we deploy innovative strategic decisions that set us apart and builds a brand for greatness.


As some of you may know and others are soon to find out, our journey to assist large industrial producers and manufacturers to derive value from their waste products began in South Africa in 2013, when Trigen was born. Louis and I had a vision, a vision to create a greener future by altering the perceptions of waste and our mission to treat and derive value from otherwise neglected waste.


We understood that large industrials could create substantial savings through green waste to value solutions and in turn achieve a strong return on investment. We began building, owning and operating integrated biological waste to value systems under the name of Trigen. Trigen stems from the word TriGeneration which means a process by which some of the heat produced by a cogeneration plant is used to generate energy back into a production plant. Our logo was an extension of the name, “TriGeneration”, so simple, yet effective.


We felt that the Trigen name did not encapsulate our mission because we are more than that, we are fully fledged green technology enthusiasts who partner with companies who want to be enabled to do what they do best but in a more sustainable and independent manor. Green Create reduces the need for expensive outdated treatment technologies which results in massive operational savings through the green energy by-products which are produced (electricity and thermal energy). These by-products directly reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere.


As we begin to see the scarcity of clean water across the earth and the buzz over Cape Town’s day zero, it is more pertinent now than ever to assess how this will affect our businesses in the long term. Municipal wastewater treatment will be strained, and companies will battle to operate without water needed for production. Green Create is the answer, we enable companies to take up to 90% of the strain off municipalities sewage systems through our chemical oxygen demand (COD) removal efficiency techniques, furthermore the company can reuse their recycled water.


We are a sign of life in an otherwise barren land, we are GREEN CREATE, which is why we switched from red to green! We could not hold ourselves back to only creating a greener future for Africa, the world needs our skills and expertise if we are to re-think the way we operate our businesses for the long-run. Our firm is invested in green business initiatives across the globe and branches into algal biotechnology (Green Create Nutra), nutrient recycling (AgriProtein), solar (Mettle Solar Investments) and we partner with leading technologies, including biological and wastewater treatment (Paques).


It is our role and responsibility as leaders in the economy to create a greener future for our people and planet if we are to reach a net zero impact.


As an old American Indian Proverb goes, “we do not inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”


Yours sincerely,


Chief Executive Officer,
Green Create