Green Create branches out into Asia Pacific, appointing Tom Van Essen as Managing Director.

Green Create has been growing exponentially, as producers begin to take note of the radical savings which are directly derived from independently harnessing energy through waste-to-value plants, the demand for our services is expanding globally.


For Green Create, opening offices to support the Asia Pacific region was not just about opening an office, it was about finding the right expert to join the team and set motion to our vision within the area. After a rigorous search we found the perfect Managing Director for Green Create Asia Pacific, Tom Van Essen.
Tom has been in the waste to value industry for over a decade, applying his adept knowledge to companies who primarily operate in the Netherlands and Asia, making him an exemplary advisory for our clients through understanding their specific needs.


Green Create Asia Pacific is currently focused on developing and managing waste to energy projects for clients in the Asia Pacific region. There’s huge potential in the waste space in general. By using acclaimed anaerobic system technologies, we transform this potential into usuable end-products for clients.

Our team can offer clients waste-to-value solutions that reduce operational costs while providing marketability and ensuring environmental regulations are met. We implement projects for clients who specialize in food and beverage production or find themselves handling large amounts of energy rich agricultural wastes or manures in their production process.


Building, Owning and Operating a waste to energy plant is the right approach in the Asian market, as waste-to-value projects are capital intensive, Green Create has taken on a unique offering where we Build, Own and Operate (BOO) our clients plants, which means it doesn’t require any capital outlay to benefit from our solutions.


When it comes to building, owning and operating integrated biological waste-to-value systems, Green Create is leaps and bounds ahead of the curb and we will continue to be so due to our progressive technology and ambitious nature.


To find out how our team could assist you in achieving sustainable operations with exponential savings, contact us directly on:


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