Bio-Energy Holwerd, Friesland Organic Waste & Manure Processing Plant

Bio-Energy Holwerd, Friesland Organic Waste & Manure Processing Plant
Holwerd, Friesland, Netherlands
Re-Commissioned: January 2018
Owned and Operated by Green Create: August 2018
Plant Key Requirement: Production of Renewable Energy and Organic Fertilizer
Full Scale Plant Statistics:
1.        Waste Source: less than 50% organic waste including: grain residues,
           food waste and liquid by-products from food processing, at least 50%
           animal manures
2.       Total Waste Processed: up to 36 000 tonnes annually
3.       Technology: Continuous stirred tank reactors with heat and power
4.       Electricity Capacity: up to 1.4 MW
5.       Thermal Heat Capacity: up to 800 kW


Expansion plans for the plant will include sending upgraded green gas to the regional grid and increasing Bio-Energie Holwerd’s electrical capacity to 1.4MW

Bio-Energie Holwerd - Waste To Energy
Bio-Energy Holwerd, Netherlands
treat and derive value from waste
“Bio-Energie Holwerd has just begun its transformation into one of the major renewable energy power contributors to Netherlands’ national grid.   The plant was re-opened in January 2018 and Green Create acquired it shortly after.   We see huge potential in this processing plant and plans are in motion to expand its capacity, raising the annual electricity production to 1.4 MW by the end of 2018 and to begin exporting green gas to the regional grid by the end of 2019. The expansion will include a full digestate treatment plant including a dryer for the solid fraction to produce high quality fertilizer.   The plant processes an impressive 36 000 tonnes of waste annually. As per Netherlands legislation, the plant is running off at least 50% manure and the balance is made up of biomass co-products which include grain residues, fruit juice waste products, bio-diesel waste streams among others.   As we continue along our journey to change waste into value, this project is a testament to our growing footprint where we are providing innovative waste to energy solutions throughout Europe.“   Alister Inglesby - Chief Executive Officer, Green Create