Green Create W2V, Kent

Knoxbridge, Kent, United Kingdom
Expected Commissioning: November 2020
Fully Operational by: Q1 2021
Plant Key Requirements:
  • Production of renewable biomethane, electricity and thermal energy from poultry manure
  • Production of liquid and solid fertilisers
Full-Scale Plant Statistics:
  1. Waste Source: Layer manure
  2. Technology: Anaerobic digestion in conjunction with CHP and biomethane production
  3. Electricity Capacity: up to 500 kW
  4. Thermal Energy Capacity: up to 500 kW
  5. Biomethane production capacity up to 6MW
“The Kent Waste-to-Value Plant is designed to receive poultry manure from the nearby egg laying farms for production of a methane-rich biogas by means of the biological conversion of the organic material.
The biogas will be utilised to produce 500 kW of electricity and 500 kW of thermal energy. Further to this up to 6.0 MW of biomethane will be produced for injection into the local gas network. After the digestion process the digestate will be stripped of nitrogen to produce a liquid fertiliser stream. This project is another building block in our journey to create value from waste and to do our part in helping create a sustainable future for the United Kingdom ”
Alister Inglesby – Chief Executive Officer, Green Create