About Us

Green Create Builds, Owns & Operates (BOO) integrated biological waste-to-value systems.

We work primarily with anaerobic biological technology, which as a by-product of processing organic waste or wastewater streams, generates energy rich biogas. This gas can be upgraded into a number of useful energy forms, targeted at producing electricity and thermal energy to be used by the primary process. The treated water is free of contaminants, making it environmentally safe for re-use or discharge.

Our mission is to treat and derive tangible value from large agricultural and industrial’s otherwise neglected waste streams, creating value in the forms of either energy, feed, fertilizer or reusable water. Our vision is to create a greener future by altering the perceptions of waste.

Our expanding footprint is growing across Africa and globally, with successful plants for two of Africa’s largest food processing brands (RCL FOODS & Country Bird Holdings) as well as a plant in Europe. We have strong partners who share our vision to find sustainable solutions for our clients that pave the road for a greener, more eco-friendly process; feeding value back into their business requirements.

Our Partners

Energy | Partners | Mettle Solar Investments

In 2015, Green Create’s subsidiary company TriGen, co-founded Mettle Solar Investments. Mettle Solar’s business focuses on the design, installation, financing and maintenance of commercial solar photovoltaic (PV) systems for private consumption, ranging in size from about 100kWp to 3MWp. Offering grid-connected and off-grid Solar PV solutions, installed on rooftops as well as on ground mounted structures in Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa.