About us

Green Create Builds, Owns & Operates (BOO) integrated biological waste-to-value systems with the focus on production of low carbon fuels.

We work primarily with anaerobic biological technology, which as a product of processing organic waste or wastewater streams, generates energy rich biogas. Green Create upgrades this biogas into many useful energy forms, such as biomethane, bioLNG as well as renewable electricity and heat. A by-product from the process is also the generation of solid and liquid fertiliser streams and in some scenarios reusable process water.

Our mission is to treat and derive tangible value from large agricultural’s and industrial’s otherwise neglected waste streams.

Our vision is to create a greener future by providing low carbon fuels to the transport sector and aiding in the reduction of global carbon emissions.

What we do

Engineering, Procurement and Construction management

Meeting our commitment to our investors at financial close by producing plants on time, within budget and achieving the design outputs is central to our service performance. GC have specialist in house staff to perform world class project management, procurement, basic through detailed engineering, quality control, safety assessments, construction management, site engineering and commissioning service. Our development team is geared to take a plant from inception through commissioning to set up our operational arm for success.

Operations management

We are committed to operating our plants as optimal and efficient as possible whilst adhering to the best industry standards on health and safety and environmental regulations. We focus on automating and streamlining our data extraction and reporting to accurately measure ongoing operational inefficiencies and compare our data between our various plants to increase our operations standards across our portfolio. By doing this, we ensure that we extract maximum value for our shareholders from an active asset management approach.

Finance and Treasury

The Green Create finance and treasury team has a global footprint with a unique perspective from multiple locations. We use an integrated ERP system to record and monitor financial performance and compile financial reports.   We attend to treasury transaction closing internally which ensures seamless implementation with our development and operations divisions.

Business development

Green Create’s new business team have developed projects from concept to financial close across multiple continents. A key to developing these projects is spending time understanding the local landscape in terms of regulatory requirements and finding the opportunities in these locations. The new business team keep up to date with all the latest's technologies to maintain Green Creates position as a leading developer of large scale Waste-to-Value solutions.

The combination of these divisions allows us to build world class installations and keep a position as a leading provider of low carbon fuels and renewable energy.

Responsible agricultural and industrial waste treatment is an extremely challenging task, requiring large capital investment and a complexity of treatment techniques and technologies in order to implement effective systems. With natural resources quickly depleting, and the volatility and lack of sustainable energy supply used to maintain effective business operations, the necessity to find sustainable waste-to-value solutions has become critical.

Green Create has proven that there is an affordable and eco-innovative solution to derive value from waste. The solution is not only environmentally friendly with an incredibly low eco-footprint, but it also produces a desirable product for transport companies or large power consumers. Green Create’s biomethane and bioLNG fuels help to provide the necessary off-set to meet obligations for global carbon emission reduction goals.

Why Green Create?

  • Low carbon biomethane or bioLNG supplier
  • Waste Creates Eco-Energy
  • Specialised Waste & Energy Partner with Proven Projects
  • Reduces Fossil Fuel Demands
  • Meets the Triple Bottom Line
  • Green Alternative to Energy Supply
  • Safer Environmental Discharge
  • Reduces Fresh Water Demands
  • Provide sustainable fertilizer options

Our Waste to Value Solutions have mutiple advantages:

  • Green Energy and Fuels through the bioconversion of waste into biogas
  • Avoidance of costly waste discharge and landfill charges
  • Water recovery; clean water for sewer discharge, agricultural irrigation or an option to reuse water in other applications
  • Fertilizer; nutrient recovery of solid & liquid fertilizer for agricultural land

Do you have any questions or comments about our activities? Please feel free to contact us. We would like to get in touch with you.