As an Engineer, you will be taking an active role in designing, documenting, constructing,

commissioning, and optimizing a Biogas Production Plant within the existing Green-Create

Engineering and Development Division. This new position will facilitate the construction,

commissioning and operational disciplines required to successfully complete and operate valuable new projects.

What we offer

We offer you a lot of responsibility and duties, such as:

  • Assist the Senior Engineer to successfully manage the documentation, construction, commissioning, training, and operational handover of the biogas production plant
  • Manage and co-ordinate contractors, review equipment specifications and quotations, review designs and drawings (internal and supplied by others)
  • Ensure the required certifications are achieved to hand over the new projects to the operations team

Requirements and qualifications

  • Practical experience within the Biogas Production Industry
  • Related Engineering Degree
  • Understanding of typical components used within the Biogas production process and its associated infrastructure
  • Able to read and understand process P&IDs
  • Ability to manage and co-ordinate site works
  • Knowledge of the related control systems

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    Our selected locations

    Green Create has multiple plants all over the world to produce biogas and other useful energy forms.