Site Manager

As a Site Manager, it is your role to keep the day-to-day operation of our biogas plant going. You will focus on safe working practices and the surrounding legislation, and will manage and directly supervise a team of site operators and maintenance operators. Working closely with the leadership team, you will oversee health and safety, environmental quality, and performance, personnel supervision, operational performance and continuous improvement of our plant.

What we offer

We offer you a lot of responsibility and duties, such as:

  • Overall responsibility for the site and legal compliance.
  • Oversee all daily operations of the plant, ensuring all policies and procedures are correctly followed.
  • Develop processes that will maximise stewardship, safety, quality, and productivity at the plant.
  • Ensure that all the necessary steps are taken to optimise the plant’s performance and product generation.
  • Recognise trends and anomalies in production data.
  • Report the waste-to-value plant’s production and performance figures to the stakeholders.
  • Apply problem-solving to provide solutions to mechanical and electrical breakdowns of process equipment.
  • Maintain strict health and safety standards.
  • Develop and Manage site budget (requirement to perform against the budget, ensuring the site meets the bottom line). Financial forecasting and budgeting for new financial year.
  • Manage and guide a team of operators and plant staff.
  • Manage and drive the procurement process and build strong relationships with key suppliers.
  • Communicate with Head Office Support and maintain open communication.

Requirements and qualifications

  • Education in mechanical fitting or mechanics with red seal or equivalent level.
  • A minimum of 3 years relevant experience managing waste processing activities; ideally Anaerobic Digestion, Biogas, Biomethane, or closely related operations.
  • Demonstrated skills in leading people and teams.
  • Flexible, positive, and proactive work attitude.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

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    Our selected locations

    Green Create has multiple plants all over the world to produce biogas and other useful energy forms.