What We Do:

Responsible agricultural and industrial waste treatment is an extremely challenging task, requiring exorbitant capital expenses and a complexity of treatment techniques and technologies in order to implement effective systems. With natural resources quickly depleting, and the volatility and lack of sustainable energy supply used to maintain effective business operations, the necessity to find sustainable waste-to-value solutions has become critical.

Green Create has proven that there is an affordable and eco-innovative solution to derive value from waste, without the use of costly chemicals. The solution is not only environmentally friendly with an incredibly low eco-footprint, but it also provides value back into the processing system. Green Create builds, owns and operates integrated biological waste-to-value systems for application in operational processes, which means less cost and management for the processing plant and higher production, returns and efficiency.


Why Green Create:

  • Zero Capital Investment
  • Savings from Day 1
  • Waste Creates Eco-Energy
  • Specialised Waste & Energy Partner with Proven Projects
  • Reduces Fossil Fuel Demands
  • Meets the Triple Bottom Line
  • Green Alternative to Energy Supply
  • Decreases Need For Chemical Treatment
  • Safer Environmental Discharge
  • Reduces Fresh Water Demands

Our Waste to Value Solutions Have Multiple Advantages:

  • Green Energy through the bioconversion of waste into biogas
  • Avoidance of costly waste discharge and landfill charges
  • Water recovery; clean water for sewer discharge, agricultural irrigation or an option to reuse water in other applications
  • Fertilizer; nutrient recovery of solid & liquid fertilizer for agricultural land


Waste-to-Value Solutions For:

Green Energy For Beverage Producers


Breweries, Distilleries,
Soft Drinks & Juices

Green Energy For Food Producers


Confectionery & Snacks,
Poultry, Livestock & Fish

Green Energy For Pulp & Paper Manufacturers


Paper & Pulp

Green Energy & Rich Organic Fertilizers For Agriculture Industry


Feedlots & Dairy,
Layer Poultry & Broiler Farms