Green Create W2V Ghent, Ghent, Belgium

Expected Commissioning: Q2 2023
Fully Operational by: Q3 2023

Plant Key Requirements:
• Production of physical bioLNG from various manure and organic waste streams
• Production of liquid and solid fertilisers

Full-Scale Plant Statistics:
1. Waste Source: Various manure and organic waste streams
2. Technology: Anaerobic digestion in conjunction with bigas upgrading and liquefaction to produce bioLNG
3. bioLNG production capacity up to 100 tons per day

“The Ghent Waste-to-Value Plant is designed to receive manure from farms across Flanders as well as surrounding industrial players for production of a methane-rich biogas by means of the biological conversion of the organic material. The biogas will be upgraded to produce up to 100 ton per day of bioLNG. After the digestion process the digestate will be stripped of nitrogen to produce a crystalised Ammonium Sulphate fertiliser stream. All solid digestate will be dried and pelletised for sales globally. The project makes used of an additional waste heat source from the neighbouring titanium dioxide plant to improve the carbon intensity of the installation. This project is Green Creates largest venture into providing low carbon fuel into the transport sector, whilst addressing a major challenge in sustainably treating manure and organic waste streams  ”

Alister Inglesby – Chief Executive Officer at Green Create