Green Create W2V Rustenburg, South Africa

RCL Foods, Rustenburg, North West, South Africa
Expected Commissioning: Q1 2020
Fully Operational by: Q3 2020

Plant Key Requirements:
• Production of renewable electrical and thermal energy from waste
• Treatment of raw wastewater to reusable RO water
• Treatment of poultry manure

Full-Scale Plant Statistics:
1. Waste Source: Poultry processing wastewater and poultry manure
2. Technology: Anaerobic digestion in conjunction with 4 combined heat and power units and a reverse osmosis plant.
3. Electricity Capacity: up to 6.2 MW
4. Thermal Energy Capacity: up to 6 MW
5. 1.5 million litres of reusable RO water per day
6. 100 ton per day of solid and liquid fertilizer

“The Rustenburg Waste-to-Value Plant is designed to receive raw poultry processing wastewater alongside poultry manure to produce a methane-rich biogas by means of the biological conversion of organic material.

Processing plant wastewater will be treated further in a reverse osmosis plant to produce 1.5 million litres of reusable water every day. The biogas will be utilised to produce electricity and thermal energy in the form of hot water and steam to be fed back to the RCL Foods processing plant. There will be an installed electrical capacity of 6.2 MW and a thermal capacity of 6 MW. Valuable solid and liquid fertilisers enriched with high Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium levels will be provided to the local market as by-products from the W2V Plant. By providing RCL Foods with water and energy we greatly reduce the demand for these utilities from the municipality. We also relieve strain from the municipal wastewater facilities.

This project is another building block in our journey to create value from waste and to do our part in helping create a sustainable future for South Africa.”

Alister Inglesby – Chief Executive Officer at Green Create