Green Create’s new plant in Belgium marks the green era for sustainable transport


We are excited to announce that Green Create has obtained the environmental permit to establish the first large-scale waste-to-value plant of Belgium in Evergem. The new project is a major step in creating a greener future. The plant will produce Bio LNG: sustainable transport fuel entirely made from organic waste. This will significantly reduce the carbon emissions within the transport sector. By this, Green Create helps to reach the goal of a carbon-free society in Belgium.

Creating the highest CO2 reduction in the transport sector

With our new groundbreaking plant we will process 255,000 tons of organic waste annually, producing 70 tons of Bio LNG per day. Just like in our other waste-to-value plants worldwide, we will use organic waste to create renewable alternatives. Our plant in Belgium (Evergem) will be the first to produce the low-carbon fuel Bio LNG, with the goal of replacing diesel in the heavy road transport sector. This innovation allows us to achieve the highest CO2 savings, as the bio LNG produced replaces commonly used diesel. In addition, the Bio LNG production process yields highly useful by-products such as ammonium sulfate crystals and organic fertilizers.

“First-ever Bio LNG permit in Belgium”

“The new plant in Belgium is unique in its scale and industrial approach,”  points out the Head of Business Development of Green Create, Tom van Essen. “We are also incredibly proud to have obtained the first-ever Bio LNG permit in Belgium. As the market for greener fuels is rapidly evolving, we aim to stay ahead of the eco-innovative business. By starting this exciting new project, we create green solutions for the transport industry, ​​contributing to a greener future.” 

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Aligning the policy goals of Flanders

At Green Create, we are committed to helping realize the policy goals of Flanders to become more sustainable. Not only do we collect organic waste, which is a goal on its own, but we also use it to produce green fuel. By producing 70 tons of Bio LNG per day, we replace a massive amount of diesel. In this way, we take the first step towards achieving the policy goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 40% in Belgium.

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