Rustenburg, Southern Africa

Rustenburg, Southern Africa

Green Create was first operational in Southern Africa

We own and operate three waste-to-value plants in South Africa with over 12MW of installed biogas production capacity. The biogas is upgraded into various forms of energy using combined heat and power units. The plants use poultry manure and poultry processing waste.

“Green Create started its first operations in South Africa and the plants continue to be crucial elements of the business. Major challenges with infrastructure in South Africa have elevated the importance of these waste-to-value facilities necessitating expansions and upgrades in the years to come.”

– Alister Inglesby, Chief Executive Officer

  • Over 7 ML of wastewater is treated daily across the portfolio.
  • The plants convert more than 200 tons of poultry manure and poultry processing waste into energy per day.
  • More than 200 tons per day of solid and liquid fertilisers are produced.
  • Up to 2 ML of processed water is returned to the industry on a daily basis to reduce the requirements for freshwater uses at the industrial operations.

Our selected locations

Green Create has multiple plants all over the world to produce biogas and other useful energy forms.